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Currently as well as in the future, heavy rainfall events will increase significantly and the challenges for the safe, continued operation of transport like buses and trains will also increase.

The core of the SENSARE project is improving the ability of all road users to respond to flood events caused by heavy rainfall in urban areas. Events like those in Münster (2014), Dortmund (2015), Simbach and Berlin (2017) highlight the extent of this growing problem. Critical areas are urban areas that are low-lying and at risk of flooding.

The project is using simulations to analyse hydrodynamic risks. A LoRaWAN radio network and a sensor network will make two representative models for Berlin available on an online platform. This IoT provides operational services and services. Models for rerouting traffic are being developed using a holistic approach to different types of surface runoff behaviours. Also important is the systematic data analysis and long-term evaluation of infrastructure-related risks to residents, transport, the power supply, structures, and the environment.

The project is funded by the BMVi-mFUND. Further informationen

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