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Smart City also means sustainability in quality of life. Every project, every innovation affects the resilience of cities and people. That's why it's important for us to measure projects and their impact and draw conclusions from the data that will benefit other, similar projects and the decisions that result. To do this, it is important to share data collection and analysis.

Open Source

Open source is an essential building block for digitisation in municipalities and cities. Through access to the source code of the software for use and application by third parties, development steps and knowledge can be shared and multiplied. The Technology Foundation's "Berlin Open Source" platform provides an overview of current open source projects in and for Berlin.

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Open Data

Open data have a high use potential for the development of new services and products for society, economy and administration. Berlin has been publishing administrative data on the state's Open Data Portal since 2011. At the moment, the Land of Berlin is updating its Open Data strategy.

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The Green Book for the Digital Strategy has provided important input for the new Smart City Strategy "Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin". The Green Book gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of digital activities and needs.

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Berliners, experts and stakeholders from different target groups were and are involved in the development of the new strategy. Being both transparent and comprehensible, the knowledge database shows the collected findings and all work steps.

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