The intention of "Initiative local traffic change" (in german the acronym INLOVE fits) is to make the local traffic change viable and create the pre-conditions for a more climate-friendly mobility in the district of Friedenau and further. To realize the project includes various actions, such as the "Kiezlabore", car free activity days or themed workshops and information events. The focus is on the so-called neighborhood laboratories, where residents are invited to develop and try out practical alternatives towards a climate-friendly mobility. For this purpose, interested citizens, who are eager to work for their neighborhood, are brought together to find common answers to local traffic problems. These ideas will be put to test to see how they are accepted by people and make a positive contribution to better quality of life and less car traffic in the neighborhood. The results of these trials are finally discussed with a person from the district administration. More information about the project and the individual actions can be found on the website.



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