Smart Urban Farming

StadtFarm means smart.urban.farming. In the middle of the city we think in the cycles of nature. For the people of today and the world of tomorrow. We are interested in nothing less than a transformation of the food industry. We are countering increasingly global structures with an ultra-local system and are thus fighting against overfishing of the oceans, food waste and soil leaching. Seals are good, StadtFarm is smarter. We produce the most sustainable fish and freshly harvested vegetables in the AquaTerraPonik cycle.
What drives us is the fascination of thinking further and further in cycles. Nature knows no waste. Neither do we. This is both a challenge and a claim and a process that never ends. Our farms are green oases in your city that you can visit instead of tracking digitally. For people who love the city, appreciate healthy food and want to enjoy it with a clear conscience.


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Smart Urban Farming
Allee der Kosmonauten 16, 10315 Berlin