The EU-funded MEISTER project promotes new business models for charging infrastructure which are being implemented in Berlin, Göteborg, and Malaga by the municipalities and a consortium of several companies.

In Berlin, a pilot project is being implemented in the WATERKANT Berlin residential district planned by Gewobag. A new neighbourhood which will have around 2,500 apartments by 2024 has been under construction on the banks of the Oberhavel in Spandau since 2018. Mobility has played a central role in the development of the neighbourhood from the very beginning. The aim is to provide tenants with innovative mobility services such as e-car sharing with the simplest possible access to charging stations.

The aim of the EU MEISTER project is to reduce costs with efficient charging infrastructure and facilitate customer access to charging stations. To this end, platforms and services are being developed that simplify the use of electromobility.


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