Treskow Courtyards

For more than 18 years the former student residences had been abandoned. Now the 27,000 m² area on Treskowallee has been revived. In May 2013, construction work began on the residential quarter, which, in addition to its cross-generational character, also reflects the social diversity of the neighbourhood. HOWOGE built 414 rented apartments and implemented an utilisation concept that included the integration of age-appropriate apartments, two senior citizens' flat-sharing communities, a day-care centre for around 90 children and retail outlets in the neighbourhood. The aim of this housing project was to create both sustainable and affordable living space - both have been successful. The Treskow-Höfe were twice awarded the "Quality Seal for Sustainable Housing" (NaWoh) - on the one hand for the new buildings and on the other for an existing building that was completely gutted and modernised.


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Treskow Courtyards
Treskowallee 24b, 10318 Berlin
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