Berlin Central Station LoRaWAN Gateway

Deutsche Bahn has installed Berlin's very first LoRaWAN™ gateway on the roof of Berlin's main railway station. LoRaWAN™ (Long Range Wide Area Network) is an innovative transmission technology that is particularly suitable for Internet of Things applications because it can transmit data over long distances with low energy consumption.

The gateway is registered as a community gateway with The Things Network (TTN) and covers almost all of Berlin. This means that the gateway is freely accessible to everyone, which is why Deutsche Bahn wants to support a wide variety of smart city projects. The residents and visitors of Berlin can transmit their fine dust, temperature or movement data directly to the gateway and evaluate them later in their personal account (registration via The technology, the size of a shoe box, can hardly be seen from the station forecourt, but allows the connection of several thousand sensors, as long as they are within the radio range of the antennas on the station roof.


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Berlin Central Station LoRaWAN Gateway
Washingtonplatz 2, 10557 Berlin