With the LED-Catwalk openin in March 2015, the lighting technology department at the TU Berlin has a unique research and demonstration route for outdoor lighting.

The importance of light quality, traffic safety and energy efficiency as well as their dependencies on mast height, mast spacing, construction, light distribution and light color can be conveyed through the targeted control of over 50 LED lights and with the help of special masts. There are regular tours for this, for which anyone interested can register via the website. A special research track with masts that can be moved continuously from 1 to 9 m in height is used to develop new lighting concepts.

Luminaires and lighting control systems were and are made available by various industrial partners.



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LED-Catwalk, Ladestraße am Deutschen Technikmuseum Berlin, Acress via Möckernstraße, 10963 Berlin

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