Märkisches Viertel Cyber Seniors

The age-friendly information portal makes people fit for digital everyday life.

Digitally networked in old age: The "SeniorenNetz" has won the Golden Internet Prize 2017 in the category "Older people support older people". The information portal was awarded for its comprehensive information and interaction network of, with and for older people in Berlin's Märkisches Viertel district.

The "SeniorenNetz" combines different approaches and involves a variety of local actors. Tablet PCs were purchased and a training programme developed that has been taking place weekly since January 2017. The aim is to enable older people to use all Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones or Tablet PCs independently and to get to know and carry out functions such as e-mail, Google search, Skype, Facebook and other applications. Another pillar of the SeniorenNetz is the website www.seniorennetz.berlin. For those who do not have access to the Internet, there are so-called mobile steles with integrated tablets and printers.


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Märkisches Viertel Cyber Seniors
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