ZeemoBase Micro Smart Grid

There is a “Micro Smart Grid” on the EUREF campus. A smart grid is a power grid linking different energy sources, consumers and storage facilities intelligently. Network management harmonizes the fluctuating supply of renewable energies with current energy consumption both ecologically and economically. Since this takes place on the geographically delimited EUREF Campus, one speaks of a "Micro Smart Grid". There is still a connection to the public power grid. The aim is to relieve the load on the public grid through plannable energy flows and to increase the share of renewable energies. Two car sharing stations with a total of 36 electrical charging stations are connected to the Micro Smart Grid. Both AC charging stations (22 kW) and DC charging stations (50 kW) are installed, but inductive charging for cars and electric buses is also integrated into the Micro Smart Grid.


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ZeemoBase Micro Smart Grid
EUREF-Campus 16, 10829 Berlin
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