Algae Facade Reactor MINT Engineering

The world's first urban plant (photobioreactor), approved for the cultivation of microalgae for food production, is located on the building facade of the Berlin headquarters of MINT Engineering GmbH. The reactor is made of a continuous tube filled with water. Microalgae - for example Chlorella or Spirulina - grow inside. They are so small that only their green color can be seen. An additional benefit: With the help of the sun, these microalgae bind CO₂ into biomass and produce oxygen at the same time. The algae are harvested using a centrifuge. Up to 1 kilogram of dry matter can be gained per day and used for food production. In addition, the system functions as a solar thermal system and can provide warm water for heating on an economically viable large-scale.


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Algae Facade Reactor MINT Engineering
EUREF-Campus | Haus 4-5, 10829 Berlin