Malzfabrik Aquaponic

ECF is committed to a holistic and environmentally friendly process for the production of perch and basil. The rearing of cichlids in the middle of Berlin is combined with the cultivation of herbs – as these are optimally fertilized by the nutrient-rich water from fish farming. The whole process is called aquaponics. The multiple use of the water and the further use of the excreta allows a very resource-efficient production. At the same time, local cultivation shortens transport routes and cold chains for greater sustainability and freshness.

Customers can now actively support this sustainable commitment. Both the socalled “capital perch” and “capital basil” are available in selected REWE stores in Berlin and the surrounding area. In addition, every Tuesday (except public holidays and bridge days) there is an open day on which an employee guides visitors around the plant and explains the history, production methods and business model of the ECF Farm.


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Malzfabrik Aquaponic
Bessemerstraße 20, 12103 Berlin