degewo Future House

© Tina Merkau

An existing building was modernised in terms of energy, energy supply, housing and building technology in order to provide 100 % of the thermal energy and almost 50 % of the electricity supply. The incentive was the Energy Scenario 2050. With this project, a lighthouse project for the housing industry was created.

The building's infrastructure concept combines state-of-the-art technology: photovoltaics for the use of self-generated, renewable electricity, solar hybrid (PVT) for electricity and heat from one module, insulation of the building envelope to passive house standard, underground storage for heat storage, electricity storage, highly efficient ventilation with heat recovery and ceiling heating. Residents can observe their consumption data via smart meters.


Enviroment and Climate Protection Construction and Living


degewo Future House
Havensteinstr. 20/22, 12249 Berlin