Berliner Stadtreinigung AöR Ruhleben waste-to-energy plant

The Ruhleben waste-to-energy plant has been in operation for more than half a century and provides faithful service to the city of Berlin and its people. More than 500,000 tons of waste are used to generate steam for the production of electricity and heat. Enough to supply 10 percent of Berlin's households with sustainable energy.

The plant in the Spandau district is considered one of the most modern in Europe and is at the heart of Berlin's waste disposal security. BSR supplied the high-pressure steam generated to the neighbouring Reuter power plant, where Vattenfall converts the steam in turbines into electricity and feed the resulting heat into the district heating network. This saves energy sources such as hard coal, conserves resources and relieves the climate.


Sustainability Enviroment and Climate Protection


Berliner Stadtreinigung AöR Ruhleben waste-to-energy plant
Freiheit 24–25, 13597 Berlin