Adlershof Smartgrid Alliance (refrigeration network)

The pilot installation at the Center for Photonics and Optics demonstrates the functionality of a smart grid and shows the advantages of an economically and/or ecologically optimized energy management system (EMS). The ice storage system integrated into the local refrigeration network allows the generation of cold to be decoupled from demand in terms of time. This allows the operation of the chillers to be shifted during periods with more favourable temperature conditions. In addition, the cold accumulator acts as a shiftable load and thus permits more intensive use of regenerative energy sources via the electrical grid. It can be charged in times of low demand for refrigeration and high renewable power generation and used to provide refrigeration in times of high demand for refrigeration and low feed-in from renewable power sources.


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Adlershof Smartgrid Alliance (refrigeration network)
Schwarzschildstraße 14, 12489 Berlin