Adlershof LED outdoor lighting

Good street lighting ensures safety for pedestrians, reduces the risk of accidents in traffic and, as a design element, makes a significant contribution to an attractive cityscape and neighbourhood. And that's not all: in Berlin-Adlershof it is shown that street lighting can also be smart.

WISTA MANAGEMENT GMBH owns 160 street luminaires on private streets and car parks in Adlershof. By means of gateways (ICE Gateway GmbH), which are inserted into each pole, the luminaires become a networked urban infrastructure platform.

An important function of the gateway is to act as a driver for a dimmable LED illuminant, so that the lighting requires around 60% less energy. The connection of sensors also enables anonymous traffic counting and a large number of other useful applications.


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Adlershof LED outdoor lighting
Rutherfordstraße 1, 12489 Berlin