LoRaWAN sensor network

Sensor-Netzwerk © BSR

The basis for a sensor network is to identify synergies in the shared use of the existing infrastructure by several partners. With this innovative collaborative approach, all of the companies involved access the collected data to generate more data and generate a new smart infrastructure.

The partners at InfraLab Berlin work together with the Berlin Technology Foundation and students at HTW University Berlin and the Berlin School of Economics and Law to test a sensor network.

The LoRaWAN (long-range, wide-area network) technology chosen for this purpose is particularly well suited for data transmission due to its low energy consumption, low costs, and high security.  The Things Network is a community-based initiative providing its LoRaWAN to InfraLab for free for use in the project.

The project will test sensors for four different applications:

  • Positioning of vehicles and mobile pollutant measurements in the air
  • Fill levels of refuse containers
  • Monitoring of pressure and quality in the sewage networks
  • Properties and buildings

Picture: © LoRaWAN-Gateway auf dem Berliner Hauptbahnhof


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LoRaWAN sensor network
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