DIN SPEC 91357 Reference Architecture Model Open Urban Platform (OUP)

In December 2017 the German Institut for Standardisation (in German: DIN) adopted the so called "DIN SPEC 91357 – Referenzarchitekturmodell Offene Urbane Plattform (OUP)“ as a specification standard. As a result of that, the reference architecture created by Fraunhofer FOKUS, is considered as an acceptable template for the development of integrated digital Smart City solutions. Cities encounter numerous challenges due to digitalisation, especially due to the provision of urban data through municipalties and portals (such as Open Data Portals). Frequently, these pieces of data are recorded and distributed, resulting in potential synergies not being used at all. This raises the question how one can manage, control and work with them efficiently. To answer this, a logical digital frame is necessary, which can be made available with the help of a reference architecture. The aim is to create a standardised framework, to which technical components of various manufacturers conform to.



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DIN SPEC 91357 Reference Architecture Model Open Urban Platform (OUP)
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