Smart Streets

The Smart Streets project develops solutions for equipping street lanterns and other street furniture with intelligent IoT gateways. This allows for a scalable and continuously available data infrastructure. Future streets have to be intelligent independently. Together with partner institutes and industry partners, a scalable and always available Edge Intelligence AI infrastructure will be developed, within the primary project phase of Fraunhofer IoT Core Gateways. Application scenarios, such as Edge Intelligence in Smart Streets, smart parking garages, public surveillance of public places and Industry 4.0 Work Place Safety, will be available. The aim of a second phase, is not to supply single edge/fog knots with "Edge Intelligence" and connect the to one another, but to establish a highly interactive "Collective Intelligence" for application scnenarios. 



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Smart Streets
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31, 10589 Berlin

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke