Stadtquartier 4.0

What will a future-oriented, sustainable logistics that is adapted to a city’s needs look like in future in city quarters? The ‘Stadtquartier 4.0‘ BMBF project [Federal Ministry of Education and Research] is asking exactly this question. This project develops a sustainable and integrated logistics system by particularly taking into consideration the necessary flows of goods and commodities. In doing this a logistics concept is being developed that considers especially the supply and disposal of selected types of materials of a space-restricted city quarter, practically tested and permanently implemented in a test area at the Holzmarkt in Berlin. All this is subject to the guiding principle of avoiding, relocating or carrying out transports in an acceptable manner.   

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Stadtquartier 4.0
Holzmarktstraße 19, 10243 Berlin

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Andreas Weber

Tel: 030 46307-220