KoMoDo - cooperative use of micro-depots



KoMoDo stands for "Cooperative use of micro-depots by the courier, express and parcel services industry for the sustainable use of cargo bikes in Berlin". The twelve-month test phase of the KoMoDo model project has been completed and has proven that the use of cargo wheels for the delivery of parcels and the joint use of a micro-depot location by several parcel service providers works - if certain conditions are met. The aim of the project was to test sustainable solutions for delivery traffic in urban areas and also to develop transferable solutions for other municipalities. The project was funded by the Federal Environment Ministry.

The practical test has shown that especially in areas with a high receiver density and a freight structure suitable for cargo wheels (number of packages, volume and weight) micro-depots and cargo bikes can be used efficiently.
The use of last-mile cargo bikes is environmentally friendly as trips with conventional delivery vehicles are being replaced. The deliverers used the predominantly electrically supported cargo bikes within a radius of up to three kilometers around the micro-depot location in Prenzlauer Berg. As a result, they drove emissions locally and saved about eleven tonnes of CO2 compared to conventional delivery vehicles. Every day, up to eleven cargo bikes were in use. In total, more than 38,000 km were covered.
As part of the model project, around 160,000 parcels were delivered in the past twelve months by the five largest parcel service providers in Germany with cargo bikes in the vicinity of the micro-depots. The participating parcel service providers were able to continuously increase the delivered parcel volumes during the course of the project.
In densely populated inner cities, public spaces are a scarce commodity. They should therefore be used cooperatively and therefore particularly efficiently. The use of micro-depots and cargo bikes can benefit both the cities and the companies, making the last mile much more city-friendly. Continuation of parcel delivery by cargo bike in Berlin For the participating parcel service providers, the project offered the opportunity to test parcel delivery with cargo bikes from micro-depots in Berlin. Their conclusion: The model of micro-depots has proven itself in principle. The project partners therefore want to base their findings on the results to date and are interested in further consolidating the micro-depot approach. Even after the end of public funding (1 July 2019), the participating parcel service providers will use the current location for another half year for delivery with cargo bikes. The Berlin-Pankow district office has already approved the extended land use for this purpose. In addition, the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection will work together with the districts and the BEHALA to find suitable locations for further micro-depots in Berlin on the basis of the project results.

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KoMoDo - cooperative use of micro-depots
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