Berliner Stadtreinigung AöR Biogas Plant West

The finest in environmental technology: Every year, BSR ferments more than 60,000 tons of biowaste to climate-neutral biogas in the ultra-modern biogas plant. This is then used to refuel the gas-powered refuse vehicles, 150 of which are already on the streets of Berlin. They are already collecting over 60 percent of Berlin's residual waste and bio-waste - climate-neutrally and soot-free.
That is Germany far unique and saves many advantages: On the one hand, it saves the purchase of around 2.5 million litres of diesel, which makes BSR less dependent on fluctuating fuel prices. On the other hand, the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases is avoided because less biowaste has to be composted. Energy crops (e.g. maize or rye) are also not cultivated for the operation of the plant. This preserves scarce agricultural land for food production.

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Berliner Stadtreinigung AöR Biogas Plant West
Freiheit 16, 13597 Berlin