GreenPack Akku

GreenPack mobile energy solutions GmbH is working in the section of storage, transport, and mobile use of renewable energies. GreenPack Akku is an innovative solution enabling  safe storage, easy transport and mobile use of generated green energy. These rechargeable batteries can be used for electric cars, e-bikes or e-bicycles at various charging stations. All of these light electric vehicles use standardised powerful rechargeable batteries from the Berlin start-up GreenPack, which, if required, can be exchanged for charged-up batteries fast and easy and at any time of the day at exchange stations within the city area. The network of stations is supplemented by an offer of mobility: commercial users can make use of a large fleet of environmentally friendly e-cargo bikes as well as further two- and four-track light electric vehicles to be rented out for short-term and long-term periods. The project started in September 2018: Battery exchanging stations have been set up at five strategically favourable locations in the city area of Berlin. Petrol stations as well established locations of mobility play an important role. One station has been set up in cooperation with Total.

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GreenPack Akku
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