Fr;)endly Berlin

„Fr;)endly“ is aiming at turning Berlin into a friendlier and more cooperative place, for the inhabitants as well as for visitors. The app enables users to send requests for help to other users close by. Users in the vicinity will then be notified by a push-notice and can subsequently contact those looking for help directly via chat. A map visualises all those looking for help and the users. The app finds help for everyday problems, such as for example in case of a bicycle breakdown, fast and easy. Beyond that visitors or tourists can use this app to obtain useful information, for example about the complete public transport network. Special events in the vicinity such as exhibitions or concerts are also displayed on the map. „Fr;)endly“ is supported - amongst others - by VisitBerlin.



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Fr;)endly Berlin
Gabriel-Max-Straße 3, 10245 Berlin

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