The cycle path [Radbahn] project Berlin was set up by Paperplanes e.V. in 2015. The cycling path of 9 kilometres runs parallel to Line U2 and U2 and protects cyclists from rain. Beyond that this project aims to provide a more comfortable ride on the heavily frequented east-west axis between Bahnhof Zoo, Kreuzberg and Warschauer Brücke in Friedrichshain. The cycle path will be three to four metres wide and will be equipped with a tyre-friendly surface whose solar cells will produce electricity at the same time and thus become even energy efficient. There will be bicycle rental facilities at the final stations as well as parking areas. An intermediate stop will be set up in shape of a wooden terrace with a beach at the Möckernbrücke. The cycle path is a dream for all cyclists and a chance for all citizens of Berlin. Making this project happen will be important for the mobility revolution in Germany. Electricity will be generated with the assistance of photo-voltaic elements positioned at selected points respectively by kinetic energy of cars crossing the route. This is subsequently made available at charging stations for e-cars or e-bicycles.

On the Twitter profile and on the website you can follow the progress of the Radbahn Berlin.


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Weserstraße 67, 12045 Berlin

Contact Person

Matthias Heskamp

Tel: 0176 326 59053

Email: info@radbahn.berlin