The BVG and their emission-free e-buses

Berlins inner city line 204 functions as an e-bus line with a wireless charging system. The former vibrating diesel-powered buses got replaced by innovative e-buses. Due to this initiative Berlin’s traffic is more quiet and environmental as the systems reduces the local CO2 emissions by 100 percent. In order to keep the esthetic of the quarter alive different components from the charging system e.g. wire and charging modules will be hide away in the underground. The CO2 emissions-free and weatherproofed buses run 100 percent on the power of renewable energies. This initiative reflects the pursued strategy of the BVG “Yellow will become green („Gelb wird grüner“) well and guarantees an environmental mobility in the city.

Pictures: © Andreas Süß, Oliver Lang



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The BVG and their emission-free e-buses
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