Berlin TXL – Schumacher Quartier

The former Tegel Airport is making room for Berlin. A research and industrial park for urban technologies is being built on the 500-hectare site: Berlin TXL - The Urban Tech Republic, a new residential district: the Schumacher Quartier, and a 200-hectare landscape area. In the Schumacher Quartier, over 5,000 apartments for more than 10,000 people are being built in a lively, urban neighborhood with daycare centers, schools and shopping facilities. Here, advanced solutions for climate-neutral energy supply and high energy standards will be demonstrated, as will new models for mobility. Technologies that are being researched and developed next door - in the Urban Tech Republic. The state of Berlin has commissioned Tegel Projekt GmbH to develop and manage the projects. Tegel Projekt GmbH's tasks include revising the master plan, brand development, building construction and the technical, energy and transport infrastructure, as well as marketing and communicating the projects to the public.


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Berlin TXL – Schumacher Quartier
Access to Tegel Airport, 13405 Berlin

Contact Person

Hans Peter Koopmann

Tel: 0171 45778 90