Prozessanalyse Radinfrastruktur (PARI)

What's the point?

Cycling is good for the climate, against traffic jams and for clean air. For this reason, many new cycle paths are to be built on the basis of the new Berlin Mobility Act. However, the administrative procedures are not yet designed to shape this change quickly. We want to change that.

What are the next steps?

We analyse the processes and procedures that are currently being used to work on the Berlin cycling infrastructure. Who has to agree to what? What are the deadlines? In short: why does it take so long? Does that have to be the case? How can we achieve better results faster and become more transparent?

Who is involved?

PARI is a project that will initially be carried out with various administrations and CityLAB. The aim is to achieve more transparent and faster procedures, which we are constantly improving with the help of experts.

Foto: CityLAB Berlin

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Prozessanalyse Radinfrastruktur (PARI)
Am Köllnischen Park 3, 10179 Berlin

Contact Person

Peter Broytman, Koordinierungsstelle Radverkehr