Chatbot „Erst- und Verweisinformation für Betroffene von Diskriminierung“

What's the point?

Discrimination is a social reality and individual experience of exclusion and injury that has far-reaching emotional and material consequences. Besides preventive measures such as trainings or effective legal protection, it is also important to offer support to those affected.

Currently, there is a gap in the area of interactive digital media. The development and testing of a bot is an important step towards ensuring effective protection against discrimination; said bot can be a way to reach more people affected by discrimination and to reduce the pressure on existing counseling and support centers. It provides victims of discrimination with basic information about their rights as well as on counseling centers, and it also documents incidents. The prototype offers an accessible, situation-specific assessment, which is particularly well-suited to reach critical target groups, such as adolescents.

The funding project is supported by CityLAB and the federal program Demokratie Leben.

Foto: CityLAB Berlin

Antidiskriminierungsverband Deutschland/CityLAB Berlin


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Chatbot „Erst- und Verweisinformation für Betroffene von Diskriminierung“
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