Marker Lights

The project is developing a contrast-optimizing lighting system that is able to recognize road users such as pedestrians and cyclists in the street area and to illuminate them in a targeted manner.

By simultaneously lowering the lighting level, this can both increase safety and reduce energy consumption. Extensive subject studies were carried out to determine the optimal contrast for a marker light. With the help of AI methods and numerous data from different traffic situations, a model was trained that enables the robust detection of pedestrians and cyclists. A prototype of the fixed marker light has already been developed and successfully tested. In order to be able to analyze accident focal points more precisely in terms of lighting technology, a GPS-supported measuring bike was also developed as part of the project. This can be used to collect the following data: luminance images from the driver's perspective, horizontal and vertical illuminance levels and the GPS coordinates.

The project "Development of new street lighting concepts with marker lights" (duration: 04/2017 - 06/2021) is funded in the Berlin Program for Sustainable Development with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development and the State of Berlin (grant number BENE 1053-B5-O).



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Marker Lights
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