DymPro - Dynamic adaptation of Berlin street lighting

The aim of the project is to develop dynamic control concepts for Berlin street lighting and to prepare for their later implementation.

With the help of dynamic lighting, high energy-saving potential can be tapped by adapting the lighting level to the traffic volume, for example, when the traffic space is not being used, without violating the lighting requirements for traffic safety. A link to the detection sensors can also be used to adapt the lighting to the actual need (moving light). In order to be able to implement such dynamic lighting concepts across the board, an open, smoothly functioning standard is required in the long term. For this purpose, different technologies are compared with one another and examined for their applicability.

The project "DymPro - Dynamic adaptation of Berlin street lighting" (duration: 10/2019 - 11/2022) is funded in the Berlin Program for Sustainable Development with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development and the State of Berlin (grant number BENE 1257-B5-O ).



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DymPro - Dynamic adaptation of Berlin street lighting
TU Berlin Fachgebiet Lichttechnik, Einsteinufer 19, 10587 Berlin

Contact Person

Samuel Fiedelak

Tel: 0173 200 7235

Email: s.fiedelak@tu-berlin.de