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Apply Now: ICLEI Action Fund 2.0

Berlin is one of 10 European metropolises that have been selected as partner cities for the ICLEI Action Fund. Non-profit and civil society organisations from the Smart City Berlin can apply until 30 September; the fund is granting data-driven projects up to €1 million . 

The big news was announced in mid-May: Berlin has been selected as a partner city for this year’s call for applications to the ICLEI Action Fund and can thus support measures that help the capital meet its climate targets. The granting scheme is conducted by global network ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, with support from Google.org, and will grant each project up to €1 million.

The scheme is funding projects in: Berlin, Barcelona, Dortmund, Hamburg, Glasgow, Helsinki, Malmö, Rome, Rotterdam and Stockholm.

  • Non-profit and civil society organisations in the above cities are eligible to apply.
  • The call is open for projects that focus on environmental and climate action, with an emphasis on mobility, buildings, solar energy, air quality management and climate resilience. Essentially, the Action Fund welcomes data-driven measures that help cities reduce emissions and build resilience to climate change.
  • One aspect is key: the projects must be in line with the sustainability plans and strategies of the respective city. The Berlin Senate Chancellery will review the submitted projects, consulting with the relevant departments, and will select them together with ICLEI, Google.org and the other cities. The Senate Chancellery will also help applicants network with contacts within the Berlin administration and provide support for further activities in the field of climate action.

The ICLEI Action Fund was established in 2020. During the first call, the fund granted a total of €2.5 million to six non-profit and academic organisations in Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Nantes, Birmingham and Oldham. The second call in 2022 will also focus on using technology and innovations to create more sustainable cities.

Under the umbrella of ICLEI –  Local Government for Sustainability, more than 2,500 local and regional administrations around the globe are working towards sustainable urban development. The global network is active in the field of sustainability policies in more than 125 countries. With the support of Google.org, the current call for applications (the ICLEI Action Fund 2.0) will fund projects that focus on environmental and climate action using data from private and public sources.

Funds granted during the first call are currently being used to implement Environmental Action Germany’s Pop-up Republic project. (vdo)

Eligible projects can apply to the ICLEI Action Fund until 30 September 2022

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