Screenshot of Berliner Erfrischungskarte

Screenshot: Berliner Erfrischungskarte

An Overview of Cool and Shady Places

Fancy a refreshment? The Berliner Erfrischungskarte (Berlin Refreshment Map) shows the capital’s residents where they can find cool and breezy places in the shade. The online application was realised by open data information office ODIS in cooperation with CityLAB Berlin. 

Temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and over have become commonplace in Berlin. Even though the capital is known for its capricious weather conditions, the number of heat wave days have risen considerably, according to evaluations made by the State Office for the Environment. The increasingly hot and dry weather is a clear indication that climate change has an impact on Berlin; in the near future, experts even expect to see days with temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius in the region.

The recently launched Berliner Erfrischungskarte (German only) shows Berliners where they can cool down on hot days. Developed by open data information office ODIS in cooperation with CityLAB Berlin, the online application provides interactive information on places with cooler daily temperatures between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.; places where Berliners can find a refreshing breeze; and which places are currently in the shade.  The list includes bathing spots, parks, benches and fountains. Once users have found their favourite spots via the location search, they can save and share them.

But the Berlin Refreshment Map is more than just a pleasure app: besides helping users discover the city from an unusual perspective, it also visualises climatic differences in urban areas. As a result, it encourages users to think about climate change and adaptation in cities that are getting hotter, with a focus on maintaining the quality of life in urban areas – and with it, the health of us all. 

The application uses an open source code, which can be found at GitHub and is available to all users. Suggestions for improvement welcome! 

Other refreshing Berlin apps (German only)

Berlin at the height of summer  – best enjoyed by a lake! But which bathing spots in Berlin and its surroundings are currently suitable for a paddle or a swim – and which places are not to be recommended for a fun day of bathing due to the poor quality of the water? (German only; translates to “Berlin bathing spots”) provides information on current measurement values – including water temperatures. Accessible from mobile devices,  the app was created as part of the Flusshygiene  (translates to “river hygiene”) research project run by the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water.

Gieß den Kiez (German only) 

There are more than 625,000 trees in Berlin, and they all suffer from the dry weather. On the “Gieß den Kiez “platform, which loosely translates to “Water the ‘Hood”, Berliners can find out more about the age and types of trees in their neighbourhood as well as their current watering needs. After watering them, users can tag and even adopt individual trees. The app also aims to connect tree lovers and encourage exchange. Gieß den Kiez” is a CityLAB Berlin project. (vdo)