Illustration: 123comics, 2021

Strategic Framework: Comment online until 8th May!

The participation process for the development of the Berlin Smart City Strategy has reached the next stage! From 28 April to 8 May 2021 all Berliners can comment on the first draft of the Strategic Framework. The text is based on the results of the various participation formats during the concept phase, which included a first open participation round.

“After we collected so many ideas and suggestions, we would like to give all Berliners the chance to give us feedback: Did we understand this right? Do you find yourself in the document? Are there any problems? And are there any blind spots?” asks Niklas Kossow, project manager at CityLAB Berlin, which coordinates the Berlin Smart City Strategy process on behalf of the Berlin Senate Chancellery.

In March, more than 1600 Berliners participated in the first online survey about the future of our city. With the results from 35 interviews and various workshops, which were attended by 250 representatives from Berlin’s civil society, a multitude of ideas, perspectives and inspirations came together. These were sorted and reviewed over the past weeks and summarised as the first draft of the Strategic Framework for the new Berlin Smart City Strategy.

Since 28 April, the document can be publicly accessed on and is open for comments. Niklas Kossow explains that it is an essential component of the strategy development: “ The claim of the Smart City Strategy is that it is written by the urban society. Texts are always getting better through revision, this why we collect comments now.”

The overarching goal of the Berlin Smart City Strategy which the Berlin Senate wants to work out together with Berlin’s urban society within the framework of the Smart City Model Project in a multi-stage process until the end of 2022, is to digitise the city in a sustainable, resilient and community-oriented way. The Strategic Framework, which was drafted on the basis of the diverse voices of urban society, is a first step towards this.

CityLAB Berlin, which also coordinates the project, recommends to those who do not want or cannot comment on the entire text of the Strategic Framework to focus on the basic idea, future perspectives and principles.

Pillars of the Strategic Framework

  • Basic Ideas describe future-oriented qualities of smart living spaces.
  • Future Perspectives identify ambitious target ranges. These can be underpinned with concrete measures in the next step, to ensure a long-term generation-friendly quality of life in the urban space.
  • Principles of good practice provide incentives for new co-operation models. They promote innovative work and continuous learning in the Smart City project design and implementation.

Until 8 May, the first draft of the Berlin Smart City Strategy can be publicly commented on, any existing comments can also be rated. Niklas Kossow hopes that as many Berlin residents will participate in the commenting stage of the strategy process as did in the previous online survey: “As with every participation, more voices will balance the result! We are looking forward to varied and constructive feedback.” (vdo)

From 28 April to 8 May 2021, all Berliners are invited to comment on the first draft of the Strategic Framework on

An overview of the current developments in the strategy process can be found on the public Online-Wissensspeicher (public knowledge repository).