Illustration: Grünbuch 2020, p. 40, Nadine Roßa,

2020 Green Paper on public safety published

The current publication of the Zukunftsforum Öffentliche Sicherheit (ZOES, Future Forum on Public Safety) shows measures and gives specific recommendations for action for the strengthening of public safety in Germany.

Climate change, epidemics and pandemics as well as digital space and organised crime – these three current challenges of our time is the focus if the 2020 “Green Paper” of the Zukunftsforum Öffentliche Sicherheit (ZOES), a non-profit think tank for shaping future developments in public safety in Germany. Time is of the essence, because the impact of climate change such as heat waves, draught periods and other extreme weather are already clearly noticeable. For more than one year, the COVID-19-pandemic has brought public life globally to a near standstill. And the increase of online crime, the criminal manipulation of data and other criminal “business concepts” in the digital space are also turning into a global threat. 

The 2020 Green Paper outlines scenarios for each of these three thematic blocks and presents measures for the strengthening of public safety. The end of each chapter contains recommendations for action. For those involved, the main aim of the 2020 Green Paper is to sensitise decision-makers in politics and administration – as well as representatives of other areas that are relevant to public safety, such as the police, fire service, health service, the sciences and the economy. The objective is an open discussion as well as an appropriate balance of prevention, action and reaction.

“We want to help prepare structures for future challenges,” says Susanne Mittag, member of the FDP fraction at Deutscher Bundestag and co-editor of the publication. Sönke Jacobs, Managing Director of the ZOES adds, “With the 2020 Green Paper we would like to give recommendations for action at the strategic level. In addition to that, we would like to encourage all those involved to think about how they could contribute to the strengthening of public safety within the presented scenarios – to be prepared for the worst case.”

More than 60 member of the ZOES as well as external experts have contributed to the 2020 Green Paper. Editors are Deutscher Bundestag members Dr. André Hahn MdB (Die Linke fraction), Michael Kuffer MdB (CDU/CSU fraction), Dr. Irene Mihalic (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen fraction), Susanne Mittag MdB (SPD fraction) and Benjamin Strasser (FDP fraction). 

The 2020 Green Paper on Public Safety was published on 14th December 2020. It will be updated regularly. A printed copy can be ordered from the ZOES office (a licence fee of EUR 5.00 per copy applies). 

The digital accessible version can be downloaded here (in German only).