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Smart Schools for Berlin

InfraLab Berlin and the Berlin Energy Agency are working on a concept for "Smart Schools" as a learning environment for the future: not only the teaching content is sustainable and networked, but also the equipment, resource management and the environment of the school. The concept development for this pilot project is funded by the Berlin Senate Chancellery. 

The city and school of the future are smart, digital and sustainable. With the pilot project "Smart School", InfraLab Berlin and the Berlin Energy Agency want to create a place of learning that serves as a model for other schools and also as a place for experimentation and design. The concept development is financially supported by the Berlin Senate Chancellery.

"We want to develop a smart and exemplary approach to how various future topics such as digitalisation and climate protection can be interlinked in the learning space of schools," said Birgit Kahland from InfraLab Berlin.

Together with students, teachers, parents, the neighbourhood and the district, the project will make a school fit for the future in four areas: with a sustainable learning concept, modern IT equipment, the building and its embedded technology, the surrounding areas  and its diverse learning opportunities. For example, lessons can easily pick up the smart background of the building and create awareness for sustainability among the bright minds of the future. At the same time, "Smart School" ties in with existing concepts such as the InfraLab project "KlimaMacher".

"The Berliner Energieagentur will bring in its expertise and experience from three decades to make our schools fit for the future," said Mechthild Zumbusch, Head of Consulting at the Berliner Energieagentur.

Rethinking schools
In the project, the school is no longer perceived as an isolated place of learning, but as a place that is linked to its indirect and immediate surroundings. It uses neighbouring learning opportunities such as day-care centres, museums or leisure facilities and also involves administrations and interested companies. 

The "Smart School" not only serves as a blueprint for schools in the state of Berlin, but also contributes with its approaches and goals to Berlin's Smart City Strategy.