Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg

Innovation Award: Honours for Berlin Brandenburg Smart Enterprises

Lana Labs, Lumenion, ME Engergy and Regional Hero – four of the six winners of this year’s Innovation Award were honoured for products and solutions from the Smart City sector. A total of 221 start-ups, established companies and cooperation partnerships between business and science from the capital region had applied to take part in the competition.

Intelligent process analysis with the aid of machine learning, cost-effective and delayed storage of thermal energy for industry and a new charging solution for extensive use in electro mobility – three of the five innovations that were honoured with this year’s Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award last Friday, are concerned with Smart City technology: Lana Labs, Lumenion and ME Energy. The special prize awarded for the first time this year also went to a Berlin start-up that focuses on regionality, digitalisation and sustainability in its business model: Regional Hero supports small enterprises from Berlin-Brandenburg with the implementation of digital solutions.

Also awarded with the 2020 Innovation Award were the Berlin-based company Belyntic for the development of a chemical technology that can accelerate and improve the production of vaccines, as well as the Potsdam-based Volucap GmbH, who quickly and cost-effectively produce digital doubles of people for games, videos and films in their “volumetric studio”. 

A total of 221 start-ups, established companies and cooperations between business and science had applied to take part in this year’s competition – more than ever. “I am very pleased that we are able to award some great innovations this year, despite difficult conditions,” said Ramona Pop, Berlin mayor and Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, on the occasion of the online awards ceremony on 27 November: “They do not only show how much ingenuity there is in our region, but also how flexible our innovators are in a crisis.”

Jörg Steinbach, Brandenburg’s Secretary for Trade and Industry, added: “The Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award makes clear in this exceptional year, how much we depend on courageous people who do not only make an economic but also a social contribution to Berlin and Brandenburg.”

The Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award is closely linked to the Joint Innovation Strategy of the Sates of Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB 2025). The two federal states have been jointly awarding the prize since 1992. The aim of the innovation award of the capital region is the promotion, presentation and appreciation of future and marketable developments by start-ups, established companies or networked research institutions, focusing on the regional clusters Health Industry, Energy Technology, ICT, Media and Creative Industries, Optics and Photonics as well as Transport and  Mobility.

2020 Award winners

Belyntic GmbH

Belyntic has developed a technology based on a chemical linker molecule for the purification of peptides (short proteins). The process enables significantly higher reliability in drug research and promises to make personalised peptide medicine a reality, for example in the fight against cancer.

Lana Labs GmbH

The Lana Labs team of international process and IT experts is specialised in the AI-based analysis of business and production processes. Their aim: To make companies more intelligent, efficient and faster through automated process analysis. This is made possible by the specially developed process mining software LANA, whose complex machine learning algorithm is unique on the market.

Lumenion GmbH

To generate renewable energy on a sustainable basis, the Berlin-based company developed the Lumenion storage system. It stores electricity as heat at 650°C. The stored thermal energy can at a later stage be used as process heat for industry or as district heating at low cost.

ME Energy – Liquid Electricity GmbH

ME Energy enables the profitable and widespread use of electric mobility. For this purpose, a new charging solution was developed: The “Charging Node”. This makes it possible to charge a battery for a 200-km-range in just ten minutes, independent of any existing infrastructure. High costs and limitations caused by connection to the power grid are eliminated and the operation and use of charging infrastructure becomes profitable for the first time. This is based on a patented concept and a new technology. The electricity is generated CO2-neutrally on site in the charging station from liquid, regenerative energy storage devices.

Regional Hero GmbH (Special Award)

The company Regional Hero emerged from the non-profit platform Helfen.Berlin, which sold vouchers for cafés, restaurants and small shops during the Corona lockdown. To further strengthen the regionality, digitalisation and sustainability of small businesses in Berlin and Brandenburg, Regional Hero GmbH supports them with digital solutions and provides them with future-oriented advice.

Volucap GmbH

The volumetric studio developed by Volucap digitally records real people and their movements in 3D, and creates digital doubles of them. This technology replaces the time-consuming steps required to create three-dimensional, digital people. This makes it possible to work with actors just like on a normal film set without the necessity of motion capture suits. The volumetric videos of the characters feel more realistic and the costs are lower.

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Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg