Supply, lighting & leisure - everything should be smarter

Will pedestrians soon generate the energy for street lighting in the Adlershof technology park? When walking, a person releases a surprising amount of energy: between four and eight watts per step. Energy that has been wasted so far, but that could be converted and used.

Smart floors and solar sofas - this could soon become a reality in the science city of Adlershof. For the time being, there are some of the ideas that 14 students from the Technical University of Berlin (TU) have proposed for Adlershof. On behalf of WISTA Management GmbH, the operating company of the Adlershof science and technology park, they are developing a smart city information concept for the location. The aim is to increase the experience and visibility of high-tech applications on site through the intelligent use of smart city elements.

"Our answer to this is a micro-urban laboratory," says Lisa Kleinsimlinghaus, master's degree in human factors and a spokeswoman for the project. The student project, which is located in the Human-Machine-Systems department at the TU Berlin, started in April. “We have defined three areas that we will focus on. These are supplies, lighting, information and leisure that should become smarter, ”says Kleinsimlinghaus. In the first step, ideas were collected. They range from solar-illuminated seating furniture, on which the smartphone or tablet can be charged at the same time, to solar signposts that can be operated via touchscreens. The new elements should be sustainable, intelligent and informative, making public space more attractive and visible. The students now have until July to refine their concept.

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