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Good Hood GmbH ( is the largest social online platform for neighbours in Germany. The free neighbourhood network gives neighbours the opportunity to discover their neighbourhood and become a part of a local community. Already more than 1.2 million neighbours in 7,000 neighbourhoods in Germany have joined. has set itself the goal of revitalizing neighbourhoods and strengthening social cohesion at the local level: both online and off. The founding team sees digitalisation as a chance to use innovative, digital communication channels to break down barriers in real life and to preserve neighbourhoods as living places in the community. therefore not only brings neighbours together, but also connects them with social organisations, local government, and local businesses. After all, local is the way to go!

With organisation profiles (, non-profit organisations and local institutions can provide information on about their involvement in the local neighbourhood.

Local businesses can also network with their neighbourhood via In addition to providing services locally, they also offer meeting places that contribute to the cultural and social shaping of the district. is tested and protected. As Germany's only neighbourhood platform, is TÜV-certified.

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