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NKMG - Neue Köhler Managementgesellschaft mbH

NKMG | Neue Köhler Managementgesellschaft mbH specialises in providing independent, future-orientated consultancy to industrial customers, research institutions, public sector clients, government authorities, and organisations addressing security issues in Germany and abroad. The focus of the consultancy lies in the planning and technical and organisational implementation of information and communication technology segments, digitalisation strategies. and security solutions.

NKMG focuses on the following technologies:

IT communication & networks

o Consulting and project management in the realization of IT projects
   and specialist processes
o IT and communication solutions for BOS (digital radio, IT systems,
   control centres, situation centres)
o IT infrastructures and networks
o IT and security research

Security solutions

Security and risk management
o Crisis and disaster management
o Security technologies and management systems
o Protection of critical infrastructures
o IT security concepts
o IT and security research

Technology analytics

o Technology analyses relating to IT and security issues
o Methodology and expertise on technology trends
o Innovation assessments of new technologies