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Stromnetz Berlin GmbH

As a distribution network operator, Stromnetz Berlin is available to Berliners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In total, the electricity distribution network in Berlin consists of approx. 36,000 km of high-voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage lines. These are available to 2.3 million households and commercial customers, regardless of which electricity supplier they have a contract with. The security of energy supply in Berlin is very high. Statistically, every citizen of Berlin has no electricity only once every 5 years.

Stromnetz Berlin has invested around EUR 180 million in its infrastructure only in 2018. Half of the total goes into maintaining and modernising the electricity grid. The other half is being used to invest in the future, for example in the smart grid as the technical foundation for the smart city.

Stromnetz Berlin has connected a total of 8,000 decentralised suppliers to the grid all over the city. 280 of them belong to tenant power projects with so-called customer plants - this turns Berlin into the" capital of tenant power". Currently there are only about 2,000 electric cars registered in Berlin - but in 5 years there could be up to 250,000. The maximum grid load could thus be 5 % higher than today's level, and that would be quite manageable.

Since 2012, Berlin's grid data is available in  an Open Data Portal. Regularly, young talents are encouraged in hackathons to develop new solutions for the smart city on the basis of this data.

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