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Gewobag ED Energie- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH

Through this subsidiary, founded in 2013, Gewobag realises its environmental responsibility with a view to the energy turnaround and ensures long-term stable costs in energy supply for Gewobag tenants.

Gewobag ED is responsible for the secure heat supply to our centrally heated and centrally supplied hot water neighbourhoods, organises the safe operation of the facilities and optimises operations and energy purchasing with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Gewobag ED is recognised for its excellent competence in the field of energy saving. The use of particularly efficient combined heat and power plants is only one component of sustainable energy supply: Photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind energy plants, low-energy houses and energy-efficient renovations also demonstrate the company's commitment to the energy turnaround.

Decentralised energy production and the creation of future-oriented products are another focus of Gewobag ED. Since 2014, we have offered neighbourhood electricity, which is produced in combined heat and power plants directly in the residential neighbourhoods. Many Gewobag tenants can already get this particularly environmentally friendly electricity at an attractive price.


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Karsten Mitzinger


Tel: 030 4708-2511