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Smart cities today are facing various challenges – one of them being the traffic transition. Electric mobility is a key factor for this, especially when it comes to improve air quality and quality of life in the city. To enable electric mobility, scalable charging infrastructure is needed – ideally, where EV users park anyway on a daily basis. As an addition, these charge points should integrate as seamlessly as possible into the city landscape.

This is where the ubitricity solution cuts in. The company has developed cost-efficient, scalable and technologically lean charging infrastructure that can be installed almost everywhere – even integrated into urban furniture, such as street lights. What’s more, the charge points entail next to no running costs – making them even more cost-efficient. This makes it possible to install charging infrastructure right where it is needed – outside residents’ front doors, as is currently being done in London. At the SimpleSockets, ad-hoc charging with a standard charging cable is possible, as well as charging with a ubitricity SmartCable. The SmartCable entails a mobile electricity meter and communication technology. This enables the customer to close a mobile electricity contract with a provider of their choice and charge at all ubitricity charge points to the favourable conditions of these charge points. With ubitricity, electric mobility becomes a real possibility for smart cities.


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Ulrike Hinz

R&D Projects Coordinator