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eid Evangelischer Immobilienverband Deutschland e.V.

eid Evangelischer Immobilienverband Deutschland represents the Protestant housing industry in Germany. The association understands itself as an intermediary between the Church, politics and the economy. Meanwhile, eid emphasizes a value-based approach in the real estate sector while balancing economic, ecological, social and cultural needs.

Our members are Protestant housing companies, trusts, church districts and regional churches. In addition to the approximately 40,000 housing units owned by ecclesiastic housing companies and trusts, the Protestant real estate portfolio includes about 22,000 sacral buildings and about 30,000 social welfare institutions (Diakonie). Moreover, there is an unquantifiable number of commercial and special properties in urban and rural areas, as well as parks, cemeteries, agricultural land and forests. Protestant real estate is thus omnipresent while offering many people an affordable home that meets their needs. Accordingly, protestant buildings can play an important role when developing neighborhoods and cities.

eid promotes the exchange among its members, provides supporting documents, offers trainings in real estate law and issues scientific publications. We look forward to contribute


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Dennis Beyer

Geschäftsführender Vorstand

Tel: +49 30 54711250