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Green Fusion GmbH

Green Fusion is an energy start-up developing a vendor-independent, interoperable and user-friendly energy management software. The software offers a solution both for the intelligent control and visualisation of hybrid energy systems (such as in areas) and for the simple monitoring and optimisation of conventional heating systems (such as gas boilers).

In this way, the operational management of heating systems can be optimised and the previously separate energy sectors of electricity, heat and e-mobility can be connected. Green Fusion enables housing companies, building operators and administrations to reduce energy consumption by optimising the systems and lower their CO2 emissions.

In addition, Green Fusion helps to minimise malfunctions and predict maintenance needs. Green Fusion makes maintenance and fault clearance much easier with the help of professionally developed data storage (e.g. for data sheets).


Contact Person

Paul Hock


Tel: +49 15233911692