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Berliner Regenwasseragentur

In May 2018, the Berliner Regenwasseragentur was founded as a joint initiative of the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection and Berliner Wasserbetriebe. The Berliner Regenwasseragentur uses communicative channels to advocate for decentralized rainwater management in Berlin. Decentralized rainwater management means retaining, evaporating, infiltrating and using rainwater on site with measures such as green roofs and facades, vegetated swales, rainwater ponds and storage. This can mitigate negative effects of rapidly increasing land sealing such as sewer overflows, inner-city flooding, or even the loss of cooling green spaces, as well as create habitat for flora and fauna. Decentralized rainwater management is thus an important component of a climate-adapted and livable city.

The Berliner Regenwasseragentur supports the sustainable use of rainwater as a resource in Berlin by raising awareness, providing information, advice and training, cooperatively developing implementation strategies and assisting in the realization of a green roof funding program. In doing so, it relies heavily on cooperation with district and state administrations, municipal service providers, public and private property owners, planners, implementers and citizens. The management of rainwater on site requires combined knowledge and the full commitment of many people.


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Dr. Darla Nickel