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DKSR Daten-Kompetenzzentrum für Städte und Regionen GmbH

DKSR, the data competence center for cities and regions, supports all cities and regions in the data-based development of sustainable, smart municipalities. As a joint spin-off company of Telekom, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, [ui!] GmbH and axxessio GmbH, we bring competence and advice on the subject of strategic urban data usage to all areas and enable municipalities and municipal companies to  confidently and safely face current challenges by using digital solutions. With our open source data platform and our network, we create comprehensive scalability and synergy effects for all our partners.

DKSR offers:

  • An open source urban data platform based on the latest standards, which has already been tested and is in use in over 40 cities
  • Networking via our community, joining for the further development of solutions and for the exchange of use cases
  • Support and advisory services for municipalities and municipal partners
  • Extensive expertise and know-how from the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative
  • The connection of all common data sources and applications for a comprehensive representation of the growing Smart City ecosystem
  • Data sovereignty via IDS connector - basis for the European cloud solution GAIA-X
  • Data inventory using a standardized metadata vocabulary
  • A FIWARE-certified integration of the Orion Context Broker

Contact Person

Dr.-Ing. Alanus von Radecki

Geschäftsführer / CEO

Tel: +49 30 810 997 800