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Liquid Democracy e. V.

Liquid Democracy is an innovative concept for innovating rigid structures that limit our democracy. And Liquid Democracy is us: a non-profit from Berlin dedicated to the further development and application of this idea. We work to improve democratic processes on a large and small scale. A better democracy for us means: it is more participatory, more transparent and provides more equal access.

Since 2009, we have been developing the free participation software Adhocracy, which makes it easy to put digital democracy into practice. And we help organizations, initiatives and administrations to implement digital participation processes: through workshops, the sharing of our many years of experience and consulting services. Because truly effective digital democracy is more than just digital tools. It needs a well thought-out concept, activating moderation and a deep integration with face-to-face events and analog participation formats.

Since our founding, we have put digital democracy into practice in numerous projects. We work on the municipal level, for example in the development of the platform meinBerlin, as well as nationwide for a commission of the German Bundestag or internationally with the European idea competition Civic Europe.


Contact Person

Moritz Ritter / Liquid Democracy

Moritz Ritter

Managing Director

Tel: +49 30 6293355 30