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Inolares GmbH & Co. KG

Buildings form an essential part of the center of our lives. Especially in urban environments, they are decisive for our surroundings. From today's perspective, buildings that fit seamlessly into their surroundings and are also constructed and operated in a way that conserves resources are a matter of course and part of a responsible society. Equally self-evident is the seamless integration of all user requirements into the building. The same applies to the intuitive use of the applications and services provided for this purpose.

Inolares is aware of this responsibility and makes pioneering projects future-proof: By creating a foundation on which all further systems can build or dock. The open and farsightedly planned infrastructure enables us to implement future adaptations or extensions during ongoing operations. Our solutions have already won awards from Union Investment.

We deliver the operating system for your building, making it sustainable, future-oriented, efficient and environmentally friendly. We share our customers' vision of a new connected life.


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Norman Krolikowski

Head of Business Development & Communications

Tel: +49 162 233 7253