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Bundesweites Netzwerk Wohnen und Mobilität

The “Bundesweites Netzwerk Wohnen und Mobilität” (nationwide network for housing and mobility) connects housing companies, municipalities and mobility service providers with regard to sustainable mobility.

Housing is an important field of action for climate protection measures – also in the area of mobility. Because people usually decide right on their doorstep, which mode of transport they are going to use for their trip. Many housing companies are increasingly concerned with sustainable mobility in their planning processes. On the political level, the pressure also increases to improve conditions in favour of environmentally compatible mobility. The Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (VCD, association for traffic in Germany) therefore takes up this issue within the framework of the project “Bundesweites Netzwerk Wohnen und Mobilität”, funded by the NKI (national climate protection initiative).

The central aim is to facilitate access to climate-friendly modes of transport right at the place of residence: Residents should just as easily be able to use bicycles, buses or sharing services as they have been using their private cars. Often it is the missing infrastructure that prevents them from walking, cycling or using public transport instead of taking their own car.

Housing companies, municipalities and mobility service providers are therefore cooperating on intelligent, environmentally and socially compatible mobility concepts for residential neighbourhoods – this is the new and innovative cooperation approach of our project. Extensive consulting services, the connection of stakeholders and the initiation of specific cooperations are intended to implement intelligent mobility concepts in existing and new buildings – and to initiate the local implementation of measures.


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Sebastian Felixberger